The incredible delicacy of natural fabrics is invaluable. Everyone, who at least once has held things made from 100% natural ingredients, will feel the difference.

Bamboo textile:

  • is exceptionally delicate and soft like silk but very strong and durable at the same time;
  • has antibacterial and antifungal properties confirmed by tests in Passage Cosmetics Laboratory;
  • does not provoke allergic reactions and is safe for our skin;
  • perfectly absorbs water, up to 60% better than cotton;
  • has thermoregulatory properties, when it is hot it gives a feeling of coolness and on the other hand in winter it provides nice warmth;
  • stops harmful UV radiation;
  • is anti-odour, eliminates unpleasant smells and remains fresh for a long time.

The skin of your child is sensitive, delicate and prone to painful irritation. That is why it requires special care and protection. For the youngest customers, Texpol as the first and the only company in Poland patented a specialist line of products “bamboo line” which includes bamboo nappies made from 100% pro-health bamboo fibre. It accelerates regeneration of epidermis, inhibits growth of bacteria and helps in treatment of redness and chafe.  It is especially dedicated to children with allergic and atopic skin.

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